Corydoras Melanotaenia WC

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Locality: Colombia, Honda Province, Rio Magdalena basin, Tolima (type locality). The original type locality is doubtful as collectors have been unable to find this species there. However, collections of this species are made from the Rio Meta basin.
Common name:
Lineage: 7
Etymology: Gr. melan, black; taenia, ribbon, fillet.
Size: The largest specimen found measures 40.9 mm SL. Aquarium specimens reach 55.0 mm SL males, 60.0 mm SL females.

One of the most beautiful Corydoras with its striking yellow fins. There are several forms of Corydoras from blackwater streams in the sub-Andean region of Peru which strongly resemble Corydoras melanotaenia in body shape, but have differences in colour pattern.

Bred under aquarium conditions.

Temp Range: 20-23°C
pH Range: 6.0 - 7.5
Water Type: Tropical Freshwater
Size Range: 6cm SL
Compatibility: Peaceful
Origin: Wild Caught
Distribution: Colombia
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