Corydoras Aeneus Trinidad

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Locality: Clear streams of the Western portion of the island of Trinidad.
Common name: The Bronze Cory
Lineage: 7
Etymology: Lat. aeneus, brazen, of copper.
Size: The largest specimen collected measures 47.1 mm SL. Aquarium specimens reach 65.0 mm SL males, 75.0 mm SL females.
Temperature: 17ºC - 26ºC (62.ºF - 78.8ºF)
pH: 6.0 - 7.4
GH: 2 - 12
KH: 3 - 6
Conductivity: 25 - 350 ppm
Substrate: Fine smooth grained sand.
Fauna: Overhanging vegitation, roots and leaf litter.
Natural habitat: Clear streams of the Western portion of the island of Trinidad.
Habitat details:
The water parameters given here are those recorded from aquarium conditions during a period of successful spawning.

This species appears to be a very widespread and can be found over a wide area of the northern half of the South American continent. Corydoras macrosteus Regan, 1912; Corydoras microps, Eigenmann & Kennedy 1903; Corydoras schultzei Holly, 1940; and Corydoras venezuelanus Ihering, 1911 are all considered junior synonyms. it is possible that some of these variants may in fact be distinct species in their own right. Some of which have scientific names, but have since been found to be synonyms. However, recently a discussion began (Isbrücker in Fuller, 2001) to again give some of those names validity. This seems to be reasonable in the case of Corydoras aeneus from Venezuela (Corydoras veneuelanus) from the Paran-drainage in Brazil, (Corydoras macrosteus) from north eastern Argentina and the golden aeched striped aquarium form, formerly described by Holly under the name Corydoras schultzei, from an unknown locality. However until further scientific research is carried out, all these names remain as synonyms of Corydoras aeneus (Gill, 1858).

Synonyms: -

Corydoras schultzei Holly, 1940
Corydoras macrosteus Regan, 1912
Corydoras microps Eigenmann & Kennedy, 1903
Corydoras venezuelanus Ihering, 1911

Several regional forms have been successfully bred and raised, including the true C. aeneus from the type locality in Trinidad.

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