Corydoras Sodalis WC

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Locality: Peru, Loreto Province, Rio Yavari, Brazil, upper Rio Solimoes close to Peruvian border. Another form was found by Knaack in Bolivia, Rio Beni drainage.
Common name:
Lineage: 8 sub clade 3
Etymology: Lat. sodalis, companion, comrade, crony.
Size: The largest specimen found measures 48.6 mm SL. Aquarium specimens reach 55.0 mm SL males, 60.0 mm SL females.


This species is quite widespread and varies slightly in the colour pattern. The reticulated pattern on the body is of variable intensity and shared with the closely related Corydoras reticulatus. Corydoras sodalis never shows the round black blotch in the dorsal fin which is found in Corydoras reticulatus. There are some intermediate forms between the two species from the upper Ucayali basin in Peru.

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