Stendker Discus


 Here at Sigma Aquatics we are passionate about Discus, we are also passionate about supplying our customers with the best quality possible.  With this in mind we choose to supply and stock Stendker Discus fish.


Here is what Diskuszucht Stendker GmbH & Co. KG has to say:


Since 1965, we have been breeding our popular Cichlids “Made in Germany” (in the Münsterland region, in NRW). Mid 1998, the two brothers Jörg and Volker took over the business from their father Heinz Stendker, who had originally laid the foundation for today’s professional hatchery with just four discus fish. The brothers have set up the enterprise “Diskuszucht Stendker GmbH & Co. KG”.


Approximately 200.000 – 300.000 discus fish, in 22 different colour varieties, come to life every year in our hatchery in Warendorf. Our company philosophy is: “Only the best for our discus fish” and that is evident in the high quality of our fish, which you can see in over 1,500 specialist pet shops, which we supply in Germany alone. Our STENDKERteam, made up of approx. 40 employees, works around the clock with great care at 30 °Celsius (86° Fahrenheit) and 100 per cent humidity in our five “hallowed halls”.

Stendker Diskuszucht
We supply our STENDKER Discus Fish to over 30 countries. Whether in Europe, Australia, Qatar, USA, South Africa or Japan – our discus fish are immensely popular because our German captive bred fish are accustomed to tap water, making them very easy to keep.


An “instruction manual” for keeping discus Cichlids as well as “Advice for First-Time Aquarium Owners” covering everything from water changes to feeding is available in the “Useful Information about Discus Fish” section of our homepage free of cost.

We would like to help you keep our STENDKER Discus Fish healthy and thriving in aquariums all over the world. We’re sure you’ll greatly enjoy our fish in their beautiful underwater world. So, relax and delight in the exquisite beauty of our discus fish and experience a unique and fascinating pastime.

Your STENDKER Discus Breeding Team