Water Margin Angelfish are here!

Hello all,

I hope you're well and have been enjoying the warm weather that we have been experiencing here in the UK?

We are currently fortunate enough to have stock of a selection of Angelfish from the world renown breeder, Water Margin fish farm.  They are famous for their Pinoy Angels, strains such as Avatar, Emerald and Green Hulk.  All fish are available in 5-7cm size.  The reason for this is that particular size travels extremely well, both on the way to us from Taiwan and also when they leave us with our customers en route to their forever home.

Strains available:

Red Koi

Red Koi Veil Tail


Emerald Turkish

Emerald Turkish Smokey

Red Lunar

All details including pricing is on our website www.sigma-aquatics.com

We strongly recommend coming to view the fish, as no two fish are alike :)

If you can't make it in to store why not get in touch and we will do our best to facilitate videos of the fish so you can see exactly what you are buying.

Please note, if you are an Aquatics store wishing to sell our livestock, please do get in touch.  We supply and support the trade.

6th Jul 2018 Daniel Smith

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