IP Albino Millenium Gold

IP Albino Millenium Gold

We offer some of the best Discus in the UK on a daily basis. Day in, day out, our business is built upon quality livestock.  IP Discus Malaysia are a firm partner of ours and provide us with superb fish.  That good in fact we have worked in collaboration with them to win a number of European trophies at Championship Discus level.

In store we offer a wide range of strains from IP, in a wide range of sizes.  Everything from small assorted 2-3" Discus all the way to 6"+ adults and confirmed pairs.  One area that we often lack in, including most other suppliers out there, is high quality albino stock.  Albino strains over the generations have typically been of poor shape and vitality, usually sporting the appearance of being elongated rather than round. Not any more!

Our partners at IP do not mass produce their fish to the point that they are line bred.  They are bred in small to moderate sized batches, then cared and nurtured for, resulting in high quality, beautifully shaped bright Discus - their Albino strains are no different. We have been fortunate to acquire a small group of Albino Millenium Gold Discus from them at approx 4-5"

These fish have fantastic shape and form, and a beautiful base colour of mid gold.  Featuring the albino red eye and red halo, they are a strain not to be missed.

These are available now, so should you be interested be sure to get in touch.  We can assure you, you will not be disapointed.

9th Jul 2019 Daniel Smith

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