150mm Fry Rearing Ring with Air Stone

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Growing rings are becoming increasingly popular with many breeders. 
The advantages are that the juvenile fish or larvae remain in the parent aquarium and thus in the breeding water, but the parents can not adjust to the offspring. Also, a targeted feeding of juvenile fish is possible in this way. 
Our rearing rings are each provided with a sparkling stone.
The rearing ring consists of a Plexiglas tube, a floating ring and on the ground a screen printing fabric, which is interchangeable. As with our air jacks, nothing sticks to the rearing rings. Even the screen print fabric is attached with a removable plastic ring. In the standard version of the rearing rings, we use a screen printing fabric with 153 mμ, so that even freshly hatched Artemianauplien be rinsed out. It is always possible to replace the screen printing fabric and replace it with a new one. The screen printing fabric can also be ordered in 297 mμ.

  • Gauze interchangeable
  • on request with coarser gauze (297 mμ) available
  • robust construction
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